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On February 4th, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg made Facebook. Only college students could join it.
They loved it. They could connect with new people. Then in September 2006, everyone could join Facebook. Facebook is great for talking with friends.

It is also great for business. You can make a business page. A business page helps to sell your products
( 製 品 ). Or you can share your interests, for example, sports.

Now, I live in Japan. I can communicate easily with my family by Facebook. It is useful in emergencies (緊急事態), too. I feel thankful (ありがたい) for Facebook. I never feel homesick (ホームシック). My family always knows that I’m safe.

Good and Bad

There are good and bad things about social media. Social media is a good tool to connect with people all over
the world. If you have a business, it is a good way to network (ネットワークを築く) and promote (販売促進する) your business or product. It is also a great and easy way to meet people that like the same things you do.

There are many bad things about social media as well. For example, you go to Yoyogi Park to have a nice day at the park. You see everyone on their phones instead of enjoying their time at the park. People are addicted (〜に夢中である ) to documenting ( 文 章 化 す る ) and taking pictures of everything they do. At restaurants people are often on their social media talking to other people instead of the person they are sitting with.

We should take breaks from our phones and enjoy life without social media.

Is Instagram Bad for You?

A new survey by LendEDU has confirmed what most of us already know: young people are increasingly turning to (〜を頼る) social media for emotional gratification (満足させてくれるもの). But of all the smart phone apps available today, one seems to be more damaging than the rest.

The 2017 survey of 10,000 millennials (1980 年代〜2000 年代に生まれた世代。ミレニアル世代) found that 64% believe Instagram is the most narcissistic (自己とうすい的な) social media platform — with more votes than Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat combined. Instagram, which reached over 800 million users this year, is a simple app used to share photos and videos.

However, the emotional impact of the app is much more complicated; the survey also found 78% of millennials know someone who has deleted a post because it didn’t get enough “likes” (いいね). This confirms that Instagram is more than a place where young people post pictures. They are relying (〜に頼る) on social media “likes” to feel validated (評価される). And if they don’t receive that validation, they quickly delete their pictures.

A separate report by the Royal Society for Public Health surveyed 1,500 young people and found that Instagram had the most negative impact on mental health. Heavy use of the app was associated with feelings of inadequacy (無能), anxiety (不安), and a “fear of missing out.” The report report highlighted some positive aspects like self-expression and emotional support, but emphasized the importance of limiting your time on social media.








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