Diamond Times -The Teenage Years-


さて、本日はダイアモンドタイムズの過去記事からThe Teenage Yearsのレベル別記事をご紹介いたします。

Lv.1 Summer Jobs

In the United States, schools have long summer vacations. Students have 2.5 months of vacation. So, many students get a summer job. I started working when I was 14 years old. I had a summer job every year. I had many different jobs. I worked an  amusement park (遊園 地), a pizzeria (ピザ屋),  and a home  improvement store (ホームセンター). I also worked as a waiter, a tennis instructor, and a camp counselor (キャンプ生活の指導員).  

My parents stopped giving me money when I  was a teenager. I had to use my own money. So,  having a job was important. I wanted to buy a car. I  bought one when I was 17. I was very proud of it.

Lv.2 Teenage Freedom

People often say that their teenage years were  difficult. They were worried about getting into a good  university, having a boyfriend or girlfriend, or  finding pimples (にきび) on their face. The teenage years are  a time of uncertainty (不確実・不透明な時期) for everyone.  However, when people become older, they often wish to be  young again. Personally, I think this is because teenagers  have freedom. 

When you’re a teenager, you have very few responsibilities ( 責 任 ).  You don’t have to pay rent, work 8 hours a day, or worry about taxes (税金). You can focus on yourself. Although school can be busy, everything you do is for your personal growth (個人的成長).

But the best thing is that you can do anything you want. You can study to become a scientist, train (鍛える) to become a professional athlete, or master (習得する) a foreign language. When you get older, these things become harder to do. You have the freedom to do anything you want, so don’t waste it!

Lv.3 My Otaku Teenage Years

When I was a teenager, my taste in hobbies was very different compared to most girls. While most girls were hooked on (~に夢中になっていた) fashion and 90’s pop, I got hooked on Japanese anime and reading manga. It all began when I started watching Sailor Moon. What made Sailor Moon so unique was that the main hero was a young girl who was fighting evil, instead of the usual story of men rescuing women.

My love for Japanese anime didn’t just stop there. Soon, my friends and I started buying art supplies (画材) because we wanted to draw our favorite characters. After school, we would go  shopping to buy the latest (最新の) anime DVDs and manga. Later on, we would order a  big sushi tray and some Japanese sweets to enjoy during our anime marathon (長時間ア ニメ鑑賞・マラソン)

 Another fond teenage memory (10 代の懐かしい思い出) was being able to attend  anime conventions (集会・大会) with my friends. I got more information about my favorite anime, and discovered J-pop singers such as Gackt and Ayumi Hamasaki. I also often cosplayed anime characters by making my own costumes.

Although I’m no longer (もはや~ではない) a teenager, my heart is still that of an otaku.

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