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本日は過去のDiamond Timesからレベル別にJunk Foodのテーマについてご紹介いたします。

Lv.1 Soda

  When I lived in America, I drank a lot of soda(炭酸飲料). Soda has a lot of sugar in it. But many Americans drink it everyday. Family often have cans of soda in their refrigerators(冷蔵庫). Children sometimes drink it with their school lunch,too. But the worst thing is fast food restaurants.

Fast food restaurants sell small, medium, and large cups for soda. The most popular size is large. It holds about 900 milliliters of soda. Also, there are free refiles(おかわり)! So my friends often drink two cups in one meal(食事). That’s almost 2 liters of soda! This is very unhealthy(不健康). In the future, I think Americans should drinke less soda.

Lv.2 Potato Chips

No one can beat(勝つ) it!

I think many people can agree with the aidea that we human beings feel like eating junk food from time to time, even though we know it’s not good for our health. As you see on TV advertisements, tasty things are made of fat and sugar, and junk food ise exactly like that. So, not only because of the taste, but biologically(生物学的に) and genetically(遺伝子的に) we enjoy it!

Now I have a great excuse to admit() that I like to eat junk food, I will share my favorite junk food with you: potato chips. I think nation’s favorite is lightly-salted(うすしお味), but I also like “Chese and Onion” by walkers, and “Sour Cream” by Pringles, but my lifetime favorite is ““Consommé Punch” by Calbee. It’s by far(断然) the best! Nothing can beat it!


Lv.3 The Impact of Junk Food on Children

As a child, Friday night is my favorite time of the week. That night, we got oily take out for dinner and ice cream for dessert. This was also my mother went shoppoing. I’d always look forward ti seeing all the sugary goodies(甘いもの) she got me and my siblings. When I was a younger, I didn’t think about consequences of having too much junk food. As an adult however, I’m very careful about how much of it I have. I also warry about how much junk food my nices and nephews have.

Having too much junk food can very addictive for children and can lead to some serious issues. Among these are obesity(肥満), chronic illness, low self-esteem(自己肯定感),depression, and it also affects how they peform in school. Since children aren’t aware of the negative impact junk food has on the mind and body, it’s up to their parents and guardians() to make sure they it have it moderation(適度に).

  Children will want to eat healthier if people around them do the same. They won’t see the need to eat healthier if they see their parents or guardians eating unhealty snacks every day Finally, one of reasons we all enjoy having all that junk food is because it looks, tastes and smells amazing, so making healthy food just as appealing might encourage children to eat it more.


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